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Electrocuted by hydro bills

Have you paid your electricity bill lately? I just did. A whopping $1,181 for hydro/water, as Ontario now pays the highest electricity rates in North America, or for that matter, in the world – just like our cell phone, internet, banking and other costs which have become necessities of life. I say political leaders should be in jail for committing a terrible crime against the hardworking taxpayers of Ontario and for destroying what once was the envy of the world, Ontario Hydro, founded by Sir Adam Beck (a Conservative by the way) and which delivered safe, AFFORDABLE and reliable hydro to our homes and businesses. Can you believe it now only costs 2 cents a kilowatt hour to produce electricity- the cheapest in decades – yet you and I are paying a whopping 11.5 cents a kilowatt hours and more, thanks to sweetheart backroom deals and the Liberals’ green initiatives, including the outrageous Global Adjustment Tax. To think, some firms providing wind/solar were promised even higher prices with you and I footing the bill for the difference. And don’t tell me turbines are environmentally friendly. Bottom line is even if we were to go off the grid or cut back consumption to as little as possible, we would still be paying higher and higher electricity costs. I fought this debacle for years as Money Editor of the Toronto Sun, and I have to say all political stripes have mismanaged this file as electricity deregulation filled the pockets of a few and put many of us in the poor house, including the most vulnerable, like a disabled child who was on a feeding tube when they cut off the electricity because her single mom could not afford the bill. Ask Roy Green of the Roy Green Show about that one. We fought to get their hydro back on. The only politician who did get it (and no I am not going to the left) was Howard Hampton, former NDP leader, who wrote the book Public Power. Read it politicians. It may knock some sense into you. I have a sinking feeling that we have gone down this dark road for so long (including scandal after scandal like the gas plant boondoggle and selling off Hyrdo so a few can profiteer from an asset owned by the taxpayers) – that there is no return to sanity. And how insane was that to hit us a debt retirement tax. I do not trust anyone to fix this mess. So I propose a new political party – a Power to the People Party – that stands up to the idiots in the ivory towers of Queen’s Park and represents the hard-working folk on Main Street who are trying to keep the lights on in this now “have-not” overly-indebted province. Will you stand with me? Will you march to Queen’s Park and let them know how you feel? Do you have the guts to support a real democracy? Stay tuned. I am Linda Leatherdale.

FOOTNOTE:  This is an outrage.  Because hydro is hurting Kathleen Wynne in the polls, the Liberals are now trotting out rebates to families.  This means taxpayers are paying again for their debacle, while private companies profit from a valuable asset (electricity), once owned by the people of this province.  This is buying our votes with our own hard-earned money, while families go broke trying to keep the lights on.  An outrage.

Updated: September 26, 2016 — 4:12 pm


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  1. Linda
    many many many ( a whole bunch ) of years ago you were editing the business at the Edmonton Sun , and I was attempting to write a stock column …. anyway , realizing you are doing many things these days , but being the tax crusader that you are , that is the one field that i admire …trying to take on big stupid government … and really admire that you are going after the wind turbine people .
    Big , noisy , bird and bat killers, that produce the most expensive electricity , and when you need them most ( hot muggy days when the wind sits silent …) .. but i get that you know all that .
    Anyway , wonder if your radio show is carried anywhere out here , and how one can get in contact with you…
    keep up the good work …
    dave pescod

  2. And what do we DO?

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