Linda Leatherdale

Financial Commentator

About Linda

Linda Leatherdale is Canada’s foremost consumer/taxpayer advocate, known as The Great Defender of Main Street, and a leading personal finance expert, whose crusades have led to new legislation to protect consumers and assist in the dream of home ownership and the goal of happy, healthy retirements.

She’s the former, best-read, feisty Financial Editor of the Toronto Sun, whose advocacy journalism and hard-hitting commentaries has netted a number of awards and a loyal following of readers not just in Canada, but around the globe. Linda is now Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development for Cambria Canada, a privately-held, family-owned business, based in Minnesota. This firm, a manufacturer of superior natural quartz surfaces, is a Made-In-North-America success story.

Linda is a sought-after commentator on business, political, consumer and personal finance issues. A crusader and believer in advocacy journalism, she has led highly-charged campaigns on high taxes, government fiscal policy, the high cost of credit cards, high gasoline taxes, soaring insurance premiums and helped in the passage of new consumer protection laws in Ontario. The original Loan Brokers Act was known at Queen’s Park as the Linda Leatherdale Bill, and she was instrumental in the passage of Ontario’s Taxpayer Protection Act.Linda stages popular, award-winning seminars on financial and retirement planning and real estate, and makes regular appearances on television and radio.

She was host of the popular Money Line TV show and Linda’s Money Show, and a business/personal finance anchor for Global TV’s morning show and City TV’s Breakfast Television.Linda is author of Money Is A Girl’s Best Friend, and is working on two new books – Money Is A Kid’s Best Friend and The Great Cleansing of Capitalism.

Before taking the helm of the Money Section of the Toronto Sun in 1990, she was Business Editor of the Edmonton Sun, and inaugural Business Editor of the Ottawa Sun. Prior to joining Sun Media in 1985, she served as Editor/Publisher of Ontario Business Magazine and was Editor of one of Key Publisher’s magazines.

Her journalism career began in her hometown of Orillia, Ontario where she worked as a reporter for the Daily Packet & Times. She’s authored articles for numerous publications, including Financial Post Magazine, the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business and Modern Women Magazine.

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