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Linda Talks


Linda Talks, where we will discuss everything MONEY, and how it affects your bottom line. We will look at fallout from this pandemic, to where interest rates are heading, to record debt (both consumers and government), to why we must keep Main Street healthy and wealthy, to the fight against the high cost of credit and gouging rates by our telecommunication oligopolies. We’ll keep fighting back for you, and petition Ottawa to not hit our homes with a new home equity tax. We will also get back to basics to teach our children to steer away from strangling debt loads, teach them how to save, and help with the dream of home ownership. Also, we’ll discuss how to do a renovation the right way, especially during this pandemic, how to avoid costly investing mistakes, why we must rid capital markets of corruption and keep democracy alive. Last, but not least, we’ll discuss wills and estate planning, because we all know in life there are two things that are certain - death and taxes. So stay tuned, as I also plan a new Survival Summit.


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